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Welcome to the Intuitive Insights Club

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

In the bustling rhythm of daily life, finding a sanctuary for our spiritual and intuitive selves is essential. The Intuitive Insights Club is your personal haven, designed to nurture your innermost being, enhance your intuitive abilities, and guide you towards profound healing and self-discovery.

Inspiring testimonials from satisfied members of the Intuitive Insights Club, highlighting personal growth and healing experiences

Dr. Rick Bonar says...

“Tiffany Cano is one of the most intuitive, generous and loving teachers who willingly shares her gifts. Anyone who has been in her presence, heard her speak or experienced her laugh has been healed on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. She strives to make everyone’s life be a happy, healthy and prosperous one. I highly recommend Tiffany to anyone seeking higher enlightenment or healing.”


Anna from Canada says...

“Tiffany Cano is one of my favorite teachers of all time. I have been trained in multiple disciplines by very high caliber teachers. I actively, naturally and easily use what. Tiffany has taught me on a daily basis. She has helped with deep core wounds, providing clear guidance and intuition, teaching me how to have clearer intuition, and motivating positive change.”

What Awaits You Inside:

Curated Healing Programs:

Each month, we unlock the doors to 2-3 meticulously selected online healing programs from our treasure trove at the Highly Perceptive People Academy.

These sessions are not just courses; they are pathways to transformation, offering deep dives into realms of spiritual growth, intuitive development, and emotional healing.

Whether you're drawn to "Receiving Greater Abundance," "Healing the Inner Child," "Personal Empowerment," or "Mastering Your Energy Field," every program is a step towards your truest self.

Only $97/month for over 145 HOURS of content retailing at $13,500 AND $1,500 in personal healing sessions.

Learn at Your Leisure:

We honor your individual journey and the pace it demands. With our on-demand format, you can engage with each healing program at your own rhythm, ensuring that every insight, every moment of introspection, is fully absorbed and integrated into your life.

Your Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive Access: As a member of the Intuitive Insights Club, you gain exclusive entry to a curated selection of our most transformative online healing programs. These are not just courses; they are gateways to deeper understanding and profound personal growth. Valued at $13,500+++ for the 145+ Hours of content that is available.

  • Flexibility and Freedom: Your spiritual journey will harmonize with your daily life, not disrupt it. Our on-demand programs allow you to engage with each session when it feels right for you, ensuring a seamless integration of profound insights into your everyday.

  • Connection to Self and Source: Explore your journey of discovery and healing. Receive experiences, insights, and support in a space where empathy and intuition are the common languages.

Bonus For Immediate Action Takers

Limited to the First 30 People

BONUS -->TLC with Tiffany: Receive one 15 minute "Golden Nugget" Healing Session with Tiffany each month for support on your journey. From healing, technical queries to spiritual guidance, we ensure your path of exploration is smooth and fulfilling.






and much more...

Receive $1,500 of Golden Nugget Healings for the year, which more than pays for your year of membership.

***Register NOW for this bonus. These "Golden Nugget" Healing & Insight Sessions with Tiffany will disappear after the first 30 like-minded Soulful students like yourself register, so sign up ASAP!

Investment in Your Growth:

The Intuitive Insights Club is more than a membership; it's an investment in your personal and spiritual evolution. For only $97 per month, with a minimum commitment to a 6-month transformative journey, you're not just purchasing access; you're opening doors to new realms of understanding and being.

Exclusive Access to 2-3 Healing Programs Monthly, Personalized 'Golden Nugget' Sessions with Tiffany, and 145 Hours of Available Transformational Content.

Are you ready for over $13,500 of Content and $1,500 of 1-0n-1 Golden Nugget Healings?

Only $97/mo with a minimum 6 month commitment, or save $200 by choosing the annual membership of $999/year.

Embark on Your Journey Today

Your path to deeper intuition, profound healing, and authentic self-discovery awaits. Join the Intuitive Insights Club today and unlock the door to a world where your spiritual and intuitive growth knows no bounds.

Below are Examples of Some of the Programs that are eligible for you to access and will be in the monthly rotation. And you may put in requests as well if there are particular areas in your life that you are working on.

Over 145 Hours and $13,500 of content at a fraction of the price!

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Yes, over $13,500 of Content and $1,500 of 1-0n-1 Golden Nugget Healings for You!

Every Month you will gain access to 2-3 online courses!

Testimonials of Happy Clients...

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Membership Work?

Each month 2-3 online courses and healing content will be made available. You will have one calendar month to complete the courses. Then those courses will be removed and replaced with the next set of insightful, transformational online courses. This structure will help you to avoid overwhelm and stay on track with focused success on your transformation journey.

What are my Payment Options?

You may choose to pay $97/mo, with a minimum commitment of 6 months of membership. Or you may choose to SAVE money by purchasing an annual membership of only $997 (Save $200).

What are the 1-on-1 Golden Nugget Sessions with Tiffany?

Meet with Tiffany on Zoom for 15 minutes each month. Bring your questions, updates and requests for insights and healing. You may choose to ask for help with money, health, relationships, boundaries, spirituality or whatever you may be guided to ask... the sky is the limit! And to encourage consistency on your journey, if you miss a month, it does not roll over into the next month.

Receiving these 1-on-1 Sessions with Tiffany is worth the price of admission alone (valued at $1,500 for the year). So even if you only watch part of the content and attend your private sessions with Tiffany, it will be worth paying for your membership!

Is it better to Buy the Yearly Membership?

YES, Absolutely! You will Save $200 of hard costs and be able to access much more transformational content. It will take at least a year to be to watch all that will be offered. And, the healing & insights you will receive from your "Golden Nugget" Sessions will more than pay for your annual membership. For you are receiving 145 Hours of Content retailing at $13,500 and $1,500 of Private Sessions with Tiffany for ONLY $999. A Total Deal!!!

Additional Happy Clients Say...

Portrait of Tiffany, the empathetic and experienced founder of the Intuitive Insights Club, guiding members on their spiritual journey.