Coaches & Healers

Tiffany personally trained each of these Coaches to best help, heal and support you!

After working with Tiffany for 2+ years...

and going through her Mastery & Certification Program to learn how to facilitate impactful topics and get certified in the Quantum Empowerment Technique, these ladies are now joyfully coaching and healing Tiffany's students and clients.

These ladies work primarily in the Embodiment Program, and also are available as needed to help You with money, health, love & joy.

Penelope Schmicker

As a childbirth educator, labor & delivery nurse, and nurse midwife for nearly 30 years, I enjoyed accompanying women and their families through the life changing events of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting a newborn.

Now I delight in being an energy practitioner and use a

combination of intuition, coaching, several forms of energy healing and certification through Tiffany Cano, CEO of Highly Perceptive People Academy, with clients. These tools allow me to help you so that you can go deep, heal your hearts, release old traumas, family patterns of behavior, limiting beliefs and blocks so that you may feel happier, empowered, healthier and more aligned with their divine purpose. I love to support you as you re-find your creative life and spiritual purposes, so that you can more easily move forward in life with greater: optimism, hope, abundance, peace, joy, and authenticity. Are you ready for your healing journey?

June Karengeannes

Many people who are not content with how their life currently is, and are ready go to the next level personally and professionally, hire me to navigate career challenges, discover solutions to conflicts in relationships, and solve issues with a lack of time, energy, money, and support. I help you identify and release emotional blocks, embrace your unique gifts and strengths, and tune into your heart’s wisdom. This will allow you to approach your life challenges with more emotional balance, compassion, clarity, and personal confidence. You will be better equipped to create even more happiness, love, freedom, and abundance in different aspects of your life.

Gina Mastro

As a former educator and lifelong learner, I understand that

we are always learning and growing, and I pride myself in being an education advocate. Educators, students, musicians, caregivers, and those healing from divorce hire me to so that you can more easily recognize why you are being triggered and release it at the root, heal your heart and mind, and create greater self-empowerment. In your sessions, you will feel safe to release your blocks to success and abundance, and increase self-confidence, reclaim your zest for life. This will allow you to make more money, develop a clearer life purpose, feel more fulfilled in your career and relationships.

Three 90 Minute Sessions for $997

You can choose 1 coach for all 3 sessions


select 1 session with each coach.