Does spending time with family feel draining?

Do you dread seeing some of your relatives because they have pushed your buttons in the past?

Do the Holidays feel too “Peopley?”

You Will:

  • Let go of conscious and SUB-conscious anger, bitterness and resentment.

  • Create healthier boundaries so you can be available for the conversations that you are comfortable with and be UN-available for the questions and conversations that you do not want to talk about!

  • Gain even more energy and peace because you are not wasting that energy suppressing the old subconscious pain.

  • Allow for greater health and vitality because the toxicity isn't getting stuck in your body any more.

  • Open up your heart, while also owning a boundary.

Have you struggled with certain questions that the noisey aunt/uncle/grandparent might ask that are laced with judgement, criticism or manipulation such as:

“When are you going to get married?”

“Why don’t you have children yet?”

“Don’t you think you should go on a diet?”

“Are you sure you should eat that?”

“Why aren’t you doing more with your life?”

"Why are you voting for that person?" etc etc etc.

You know the Q’s that rub you the wrong way.

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